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How Weston Consulting Used WorkDove To Increase Employee Engagement


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One of the largest, most experienced planning and urban design firms in central Canada, Weston Consulting provides a wide range of land use planning, urban design and project management services based on the firm's collective experience. Since 1981, services are provided to many public and private sector clients across Ontario


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Key Takeaways:

  • Introducing a new performance management process is a unique opportunity to revisit your core values as an organization and evaluate where you are heading.
  • Making the process more streamlined and easier to use throughout the year makes for an overwhelmingly positive annual review experience.
  • With structured feedback and recognition, teams can enjoy more engagement and alignment with organizational core values.
“Our Executive Team worked diligently to redefine our core values in an attainable, measurable, and concise way. These core values have become essential to our recruitment, onboarding, recognition, and performance review process."
ashley landing page image (100 × 100 px)Ashley Manello
Executive Assistant CEO

Weston Consulting, one of Canada's largest and most experienced planning and urban design firms, has been a WorkDove client since March 2021. Ashley Mannello has been with Weston Consulting for over four years and is based in Ontario. She is the Executive Assistant to CEO Paul Mitchell and the chief implementor of WorkDove at her company. Weston’s primary reason for implementing the WorkDove platform was to improve their performance review experience and increase feedback, recognition, and employee engagement. 

The Challenge

Weston Consulting desired to revisit its core values, improve overall alignment within the company, and better recruit and retain new talent. Before partnering with WorkDove, their performance management process was paper-based and, therefore not easily stored. Weston Consulting dealt with the typical challenge of uploading paper forms to their company server, resulting in a very difficult and painstaking review lookup and referencing process. “Out of sight, out of mind” also led to an increased challenge to accomplishing goals. Additionally, as with most consulting organizations, Weston Consulting works largely in teams on various projects. This requires a higher frequency level and additional feedback and recognition sources. “We have grown immensely over the last few years and needed to find a platform that allowed us to stay accountable to our staff by streamlining our performance review and feedback process and realigning employees with our core values. Thus, we needed to create a culture that fostered development, engagement, and growth, increasing performance and retention,” explained Ashley Mannello.


Along with CEO Paul Mitchell, Ashley led the charge internally to seek a performance management platform that worked best for the company to achieve its goals. Their primary driver was increased feedback, a lacking component in their HRIS solution. Weston Consulting also sought a solution to integrate the various feedback and performance workflows unique to their business to modernize their performance and development process.  This would also allow them to continue to attract and retain top talent.

Implementing WorkDove at Weston Consulting

After thorough research and due diligence process, Weston Consulting chose to partner with WorkDove for its software solution and deep industry experience.  Weston Consulting was soon introduced to their Onboarding Consulting and Implementation Team. “The onboarding process with WorkDove was well structured and easy to follow. With the one-on-one help of a WorkDove Onboarding Consultant, we successfully got the platform up and running in only a few short months” stated Ashley Mannello. Through various apps in the WorkDove platform, we introduced a new way to implement Performance Reviews, Check-Ins, Recognition, and Goals. Their core values had been in place for over 40 years but weren’t measurable. Weston Consulting had done a good job of incorporating their values into questions asked of employees, but they weren’t clearly defined or applicable to the current company culture. Mannello continued, “Our Executive Team worked diligently to redefine our core values in an attainable, measurable, and concise way. These core values have become essential to our recruitment, onboarding, recognition, and performance review process. We believe that the WorkDove foundation of measuring performance and core values separately allows us to better understand our employees and how they fit within the company and determine specific areas for development and goals.” 

The Results

At the Weston Consulting annual holiday party, awards are given based on years of service. But last year they changed things up a bit and included a new Paramount Achievement Award based on data from WorkDove’s Recognition app, which allows employees to “shout out” one another when behavior in line with their organization’s core values is observed.  The award went to the person who received the most recognition in the WorkDove platform. As a result, they're seeing an increase this year in engagement and recognition across the organization. The overall feedback from the company has been incredibly positive. Ashley Mannello stated,WorkDove has allowed us to truly stay accountable to ourselves and our employees through a streamlined and transparent process with easy tracking and opportunities for insight into potential leaders and future alignment within the company. We look forward to continuing to build upon our WorkDove platform and finding more ways to implement their exceptional tools and apps.”