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Performance Management for Front-line employees





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East Peoria, IL



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Key Takeaways:

  • Front-line employees have been the most engaged with WorkDove and use it more than the office employees and leadership.

  • Now it is about the employees leading the conversation, and both the employees and managers are discussing what needs to improve and what the employees need to do their job more effectively.

  • The employees love this system because it is simple to use.

The Challenge

Last year, i3 Broadband started working with Kelly Gust at HR Full Circle to help build up their HR processes. One major area that the company needed to improve was their performance management. They never had a formal review process throughout the company. Each manager wrote their own reviews and conducted them once a year. Tasha sat down with Kelly to talk about performance management, and she mentioned WorkDove. Kelly shared it would be a great platform that would be able to help with their performance management goals.

i3 Broadband consists of mostly front-line employees such as Installation Technicians, Cable Burial Technicians, Locating Technicians, Splicing Technicians, and Customer Service Representatives. IT was adamant that they have a program that could be used not only by their corporate employees but all of their front-line employees throughout multiple states.

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